Where Are You Going? The Best Vehicle For Your Road Trip

April 7th, 2023 by

Chevrolet Road Trip

Warmer weather can only mean one thing. It’s time to hit the road in your vehicle, whether it’s an all-terrain  Chevrolet or a hybrid. You’ve got the car (or you will soon!), so now it’s time to decide where to go. How you get there and where you’re going is obviously the best part of it. We’ve compiled a list of a few different cities that are completely made for a road trip, along with the perfect vehicle to get you there. So much fun! Ready for your first stop?

Route 66

Route 66 Road Trip

From Oklahoma to Texas, you’ll know you’ve made it when you reach the Santa Monica pier. Nice! Follow along with the many sights, sounds and scenery as you cruise in your…Chevrolet Camaro. Of course, you’ll want that convertible for all of this cruising!

30A, Florida

30A Road Trip

School is almost out, so what better time to take a family road trip? Ah, yes. This scenic highway is a must. The Emerald Coast waters are calling, and to pack everything you’ll need, an SUV like the Chevrolet Tahoe is your best bet. After all, you’ll probably be there for the week, and this vehicle has all the room for shovels, floaties and all the beach things that take up extra space.

Denver, Colorado

Red Rocks Road Trip

Music lovers, behold. This is a bucket list for many. A little town called Morrison features Red Rocks Amphitheater, and it’s just 10 miles outside of Denver. How will you get there? Electric is the way to go, and the Chevrolet Bolt offers a range of around 250 miles on a full charge. Choose from the Bolt EV wagon or the more compact Bolt EUV and get your playlist ready. The amazing hiking and white water rafting make the drive even more worthwhile!

Black Hills, South Dakota

Black Hills Road Trip

Most people don’t consider a pickup truck worthy of a road trip, but that’s just not true. Drive through all types of terrain in a Chevrolet Colorado or a Silverado. Whether you’re off-road or passing through the next town, you’ll be able to haul large items and see the country from a higher point of view. What’s not to love?

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