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Once only found on million-dollar, full-on racing machines, Magnetic Ride Control is now making its way into production street vehicles, including several Cadillac performance models like the Cadillac CT4-V, CT5-V, CT5 Sport and Escalade.

Though the system is complicated, basically it works like this: instead of the standard liquid or pressurized gas inside of the shock absorbers, vehicles equipped with magnetic ride control systems use a metallic-infused liquid that can become instantly rigid or liquid when an electromagnetic current is introduced to it. Thereby, the system can react to bumps in milliseconds, giving a suspension both the control of a very “stiff” suspension and the ride comfort of a luxury car. Cadillac introduced their first magnetic ride control system almost two decades ago, with the technology first being offered in the 2002 Cadillac Seville STS.

Recently, Cadillac announced the latest generation of Magnetic Ride Control, and it is simply going to change the way you drive. Called MagneRide 4.0, the system reacts 45 percent faster than the Cadillac’s previous magnetic ride system, for suspension changes that literally happen hundreds of times faster than you can blink your eye. Utilizing all-new wheel accelerometers, improved magnetic flux control and an inertial measurement unit that increases sensitivity to body motion, Cadillac’s MagneRide 4.0 is the most advanced system of any manufacturer.

“With MagneRide 4.0, the world’s fastest reacting suspension system is now even faster,” said Thomas Schinderle, Cadillac vehicle performance engineer. “When paired with our sedans’ award-winning rear-wheel-drive architecture, the result is two of the most responsive sport sedans on the market, with reflexes that elevate the already high threshold of the V-Series legacy.”

Every part of the Cadillac’s magnetic ride control system was re-evaluated and — in some cases — re-engineered in the development of MagneRide 4.0, including sensors, controller hardware, dampers and vehicle tuning methods.

Magneride 4.0 will come standard in the all-new Cadillac’s 2021 CT4-V, CT5-V, both high-performance variants of Cadillac models. The 2021 CT5 Sport will feature MagneRide 4.0 is available as part of the new optional V Performance package, while MagneRide 4.0 will also be standard on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade SUV in Sport and Platinum trims.

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