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While the convenience and ease of a smooth-shifting automatic transmission is perfect for around-town or freeway driving, owners of performance cars know that there’s nothing quite like hitting the clutch and throwing those gears yourself, luxuriating in the sound as the engine whines until you’re ready to shift.

Though many makers these days have consigned their manual transmissions to the museums, Cadillac is going back to the future with the announcement that their soon-to-be-launched Cadillac V-Series Blackwing performance cars — including the 2022 CT4-V Blackwing and the CT5-V Blackwing — will come standard with six-speed manual transmissions, with the 10-speed automatic as an option. The 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing will be the only sedan in its market segment with a manual transmission, even as an option.

“A lot of work went into making the manual possible in both vehicles. It’s something we know V-Series buyers want and it’s something we knew we had to have, so we used innovative processes to make it happen,” said Mirza Grebovic, Cadillac performance variant manager. “There are a few ways to really get that connected feel with the vehicle and the manual transmission is probably the most obvious one.”

A lot of high-tech know-how went into creating the new Cadillac V-Series Blackwing vehicles, including cutting-edge 3D printing techniques that allow designers and engineers to print three-dimensional objects in metal — a process known as additive manufacturing. On the 2022 Blackwing vehicles, these parts include two HVAC ducts, an electrical harness bracket, and a polished medallion that will sit atop the shifter knob. Those parts will mark the first time 3D-printed parts have been included on a GM production vehicle.

Cadillac has announced that 2022 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing models will be available on dealer lots beginning next summer, and we can’t wait to share these incredible, ultra-performance Cadillacs of the Future with you! Keep up to date with the Official Blog of Landers Chevrolet Cadillac of Joplin for the latest details! Can’t wait? Stop in today to test drive the full line of refined 2021 Cadillac sedans and SUVs at Landers Chevrolet Cadillac of Joplin!

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