6 Car Accessories to Add to Your Chevy Right Now

April 27th, 2023 by

Once you find the Chevrolet of your choice, it can be just as fun to add all of the accessories that really take it to the next level. Because who wants to drive a mediocre car, when you can drive one with all of the bells and whistles? It’s understandable, extras are an extra cost. So, we’ve rounded up some of the more essential accessories for your Chevrolet vehicle that will not only make you happy but satisfy a task at the same time. Here are six of our favorite Chevrolet accessories you’re going to want to add.

Retractable Tonneau Covers: Wow! The aerodynamic design actually improves fuel efficiency while at the same time shielding the cargo in your truck bed. These are weather resistant and can even be folded and stowed when you need them.

Upgraded Grille: Sometimes you just want to give your new vehicle a little exterior love and an upgraded grille with a painted glossy black finish can certainly give it that extra boost in appearance.

Black Glossy Grilled Chevrolet Truck Accessory

Assist Steps: Get in and out of your Chevrolet a little easier! Can you believe they’ve even been tested to last through the life of your vehicle? Install without any drills and protect the body panels from debris.

Chevrolet Vehicle Accessories Assist Steps

Floor Liners: Such a simple addition, but can make a world of difference. Chevrolet floor mats are designed to exactly fit your vehicle and provide extra traction and protection from all of the elements, keeping your car looking nice and new for much longer. The premium materials look nice, too!

Hitch Ball: Another easy add-on, many vehicles benefit from this addition if you want to haul your new bikes, or attach a trailer or boat for that next lake trip. Plus, check out our towing, trailering and hauling glossary!

Roof Rack Cross Rails: With upcoming trips in mind, these are made to fit your specific vehicle, so look no further! By adding these, you can free up your interior space. Once you’re done using them, remove them! You can transport a variety of items, from luggage to sports equipment and more.

Chevrolet Roof Rack

No matter what you’re looking to add, there is something for everyone. If you own a truck, read our guide to finding the perfect lift kit. Happy shopping!

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