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With springtime almost here, plenty of us will be looking to shake off the winter blue, get out and do some road-tripping! There’s no better way to see the U.S.A. than in a new Chevrolet or Cadillac from Landers Chevrolet Cadillac of Joplin! That said, it always helps to be prepared.

We’re all about the safety and security of our customers, which is why we wanted to give our helpful hints for three small investments you can make to get your vehicle road-trip ready. Any one of these items will not only help you have peace of mind on every drive, but will help you take on the challenges that driving may bring. And if you need a new vehicle with the safety that always has your back, come see us today for a test drive, or check out our full selection of beautiful Chevy and Cadillac vehicles at our website right now.

Under $60
Who among us hasn’t forgotten to turn off our headlights while parking our car at least once? A few hours later you come out, ready to head home, only to hear the dull click of a dead battery. That sound used to mean either calling a tow truck or digging the jumper cables out of the trunk and searching for a non-creepy-looking Good Samaritan willing to give you a jump. Today’s powerful and compact batteries, however, mean that rescue can be as close as your trunk or vehicle storage compartment. Modern battery jump starters are very small (less than two pounds in many cases), affordable (with many between $50-$75) and contain an incredible amount of energy to jump start your vehicle when you need it most. Trucks, cars, vans, even heavy duty diesel trucks: just plug the included jumper cable leads to the battery pack, clamp them to your battery and hit the key for the most beautiful sound in the world: a running car that was dead only moments before. The battery packs can be charged from completely dead in under two hours using a standard 120-volt home electrical outlet, and some can jump your car up to 10 times without recharging. As a bonus, many of the battery jump starters include USB outlets that let you use them to charge your phone or laptop from dead up to a dozen times, which is also very handy on the go.

Under $15
Let’s face it: for all the high-tech safety systems, radar sensors, blind-spot alerts and automatic braking systems today’s modern cars bring to your drive, at a very basic level you and your family’s safety on the road still depends on the same thing it did way back in 1950: the four, saucer-sized contact patches where your vehicle’s tires touch the road. Keeping your tires in good shape is very important, and one of the most important things you can do to accomplish that is making sure your tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Given that, another affordable investment you should make for your vehicle is a simple, digital tire pressure gauge. Available for under $20, a digital tire pressure gauge is easy to read even in the dark, works on every make and model (even your bicycle) and can give you an accurate reading in seconds. That can give you the peace of mind of knowing your tire pressure is in the green, or letting you know that there might be an issue with one of your tires, like a puncture, nail or sidewall damage that can lead to a slow air leak or could even lead to a tire to fail at highway speed. Considering the consequences if that happens, a digital tire pressure gauge is cheap insurance.

Under $10
If things go bad on the road, resulting in a crash, most of today’s modern vehicles are excellent at protecting you in an accident. Once you’ve survived a crash, however, the next step might be getting you and your passengers out of the car to safety, especially if the vehicle is still in danger of another collision, in water or on fire. If the vehicle is heavily damaged or wedged tightly against obstacles when it comes to rest, going out through a window opening may be your only escape route. If your windows won’t roll down due to damage, however, a vehicle emergency escape tool close at hand in the glove compartment or console might be your best friend. Modern vehicle safety glass is incredibly tough, able to take multiple blows from a heavy steel object without breaking. But safety glass can be shattered by focusing a large amount of force on a tiny spot. That’s why most emergency escape tools include not only a razor-sharp safety seatbelt cutter to help you slash through nylon safety belts, but also a hammer-style head with a sharp point. A few good whacks on a side window or back glass, and the glass will shatter to harmless cubes, allowing you to scramble to safety. It’s always best to remain in the car and wait for first responders to get you out if you can. If seconds count due to a sinking car or vehicle fire, however, an emergency escape tool can help you and yours live to see another road trip.

We hope you’ll consider purchasing these three items and adding them to your vehicle. Even if you never need them, you’ll feel better knowing they’re there. If you ever do need them, they might just save you some money or even your life. And when you’re shopping for your next vehicle, make another smart move: come see us at Landers Chevrolet Cadillac of Joplin and check out our full selection of new and used vehicles, or shop us online at our website right now.

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